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Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

All members must be accredited investors, as defined by the SEC. Since we are a member driven organization, NWA members are expected to do more than write checks. We use our skills and expertise to evaluate deal opportunities from start to finish and help portfolio companies whether via an introduction or providing marketing plan insights.

Our members also get involved in the start-up ecosystem in their local communities so every entrepreneur can easily find NWA and know what we do. So along with SEC accreditation, available time and interest in working with start-ups and peers are required.

Membership Financial  Expectations

Membership Financial Expectations

In addition to annual dues which pay for our support staff, meetings and marketing, NWA does both voluntary and mandatory deals into which members invest. Generally, mandatory deals are larger where NWA is investing $750,000 or more, while voluntary deals are in companies needing $500,000 or less. The investment committee can authorize up to $20,000 per member in mandatory deals each year, but no deal can require more than $10,000 of a mandatory investment.

While as a practical matter, in some years we do fewer mandatory deals and more voluntary deals, the marketplace determines what is needed to succeed in angel investing so each member should be prepared to invest at least $20,000 each year. There is rarely a cap on how much a member can invest in any one deal.

We do not operate with a fund but rather conduct capital calls into a new LLC set up for each investment. The LLC runs the life of an investment and members investing own units in the LLC, even if they should decide not to remain a member the following year.

Membership Background  Expectations

Membership Background Expectations

All NWA members have enjoyed success in their chosen fields whether that be as an entrepreneur or senior executive in one or more businesses, or professional in law, medicine, accounting, or other business.  Further, we seek high-integrity members who are willing to participate in our meetings and our process.  As a member-operated organization, we need to engage in various stages of the investment process.  It is not necessary to attend every meeting, but we do ask for members to contribute to our overall effort.

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