After Investing $5.1MM into 9 Companies in 2018 New World Angels Announces Investment into Oralucent

BOCA RATON, FL (April 25, 2019) – New World Angels (NWA) (, Florida’s premier structured angel investment group, announced it has invested $312,500 into Oralucent $1.0 million Series A Preferred Stock offering.  Oralucent is the developer of a patented blue light toothbrush with unique eye safety designed to improve smile whiteness and reduce bacteria that cause plaque, gum disease and bad breath. True Wealth Ventures of Austin,TX and other affiliated individuals completed the remainder of the $1.0 million offering.

After investing $5.1MM in three new enterprises (Qure4U, VuPulse and Streann) and six portfolio companies (OB Medical, Kairos, Clarke, Raw Shorts, Admiral and Switchboard), the investment in Oralucent is NWA’s second investment of 2019 and seventh med-tech enterprise into which NWA has invested.  NWA has successfully exited three of prior med-tech investments (Altor, Consult a Doc, and OB Medical) with three others (Bioceptive , Qure4U and Tao Connect) remaining active portfolio companies.  In total, NWA has invested over $6MM into these 7 medical enterprises.  Previously,in first quarter, 2019, NWA invested an additional $500,000 into Admiral, which is solving the problem of ad blockers for publishers.

Oralucent, led by CEO Tim Lawrence, was developed in Fruitland Park, Florida.  By addressing the issue of eye safety, Oralucent is able to provide blue light levels comparable to a dentist’s office versus less effective, lower levels used by many at-home products.  Oralucent plans to launch its patented brush this fall based on its cosmetic whiteness improvements, while pursuing FDA approval to make the stronger medical claims of bacteria and gum disease reduction associated with blue light use.  This $1MM seed round will fund both the cosmetic launch and clinical trials on gum disease.

Commenting on the Oralucent investment and NWA’s success in med-tech, NWA vice-president Jon Cole noted, “With over a dozen of our 60 members having medical training in some way, we believe we are uniquely positioned to add value to medical deals not only through our monetary investment but also through mentorship and board leadership.  We saw this recently in the successful sale of OB Medical in 2018 in which NWA’s board member Dr. Scott Dresden was very involved in helping management launch the product and negotiate with possible buyers.” 

NWA president Steve O’Hara added “While we are delighted with the success we have seen with investments into medical enterprises, the breadth of our membership allows us to invest in many industries where we can add value. In total, NWA has invested over $21MM into 28 Florida enterprises since its inception.  Many of these are showing great promise also and we expect to see comparable exits to our med-tech success in the near future.”

About New World Angels:

New World Angels (NWA) ( is a group of 60 accredited, private investors, operators and entrepreneurs dedicated to providing equity capital and guidance to early-stage entrepreneurial companies with a strong presence in Florida.  Members of NWA have extensive experience in founding, building, and managing companies in a wide variety of industries.  NWA members are involved in the entrepreneurial communities from Miami to Jupiter on Florida’s east coast and from Naples to Tampa on Florida’s west coast.  NWA has invested over $21MM in growing US and international companies that either are based in Florida or have a strong presence in the state. In addition to providing funding, NWA members make their expertise and resource networks available to portfolio companies to facilitate a company’s growth.

About Oralucent:

Oralucent is the world’s most effective toothbrush and is set to revolutionize oral care. The patented sonic toothbrush emits a type of blue light proven to whiten teeth and eradicate harmful bacteria that cause plaque, gum disease, and bad breath. An eye safety sensor turns on the blue light only when the brush is in the mouth, so it never shines directly into the eyes. Oralucent overcomes limitations of the mechanical toothbrush by cleaning hard to reach locations between the teeth and below the gum line. Best of all, these benefits are achieved with no change in brushing habits.




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