New World Angels Leads Seed Investment in Capacitech Energy Inspired by Capacitech’s Patented, Revolutionary Wire-Shaped Capacitor

BOCA RATON, FL (March 5, 2020) – New World Angels (NWA) (, Florida’s premier structured angel investment group, announced it has invested $250,000 into Capacitech’s $1.0 million Seed Series Preferred Stock offering. Capacitech’s patented Cable-Based Capacitor is a wire shaped energy storage device comprised of series-connected, super-capacitor performing cells. Capacitech’s thin and flexible capacitor offers designers flexibility in circuit design by enabling them to either offset or complement capacitors in a circuit by building them into the circuit’s wiring infrastructure instead of on the circuit board. This will help miniaturize, add capability to, and/ or increase performance of their design.

Capacitech’s cable-based capacitors were invented by Dr. Jayan Thomas in conjunction with his research at the University of Central Florida. Along with granting Capacitech an exclusive world-wide license to the technology, Dr. Thomas’ lab collaborates with Capacitech on federal grants from the National Science Foundation. Capacitech’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Isaiah Oladeji will continue to look for additional novel ways to make the world more energy efficient with this technology.

Commenting on the NWA investing, Capacitech’s CEO Joe Sleppy stated that, “While there are many applications in a variety of industries for this energy storage innovation, our initial focus will be in the emerging solar power industry. We can improve the performance and operating life of solar equipment, such as charge controllers, inverters, and batteries, to multiply the efficiency and impact of the overall system. We already have interested partners in the market and NWA’s investment will help us take the final steps to delivering our unique value to the market.”

NWA director and co-lead of NWA’s due diligence team Randy Wood noted, “We have been watching Joe and this emerging technology for some time. While we generally prefer our product investments be further along the expansion curve, our confidence in Joe and our ability to help him through the early stages of growth led us to invest in Capacitech.”

8130 Glades Rd. Suite 293 Boca Raton, FL 33434 • Bill Powers, NWA’s other co-lead of the due diligence noted, “Having spent a career in technical manufacturing operations, it was immediately clear that this technology is a potential game changer in a huge market. We hope to assist Joe to make that a reality.”

About New World Angels:

New World Angels (NWA) ( is a group of 67 accredited, private investors, operators and entrepreneurs dedicated to providing equity capital and guidance to early-stage entrepreneurial companies with a strong presence in Florida. Members of NWA have extensive experience in founding, building, and managing companies in a wide variety of industries. NWA members are involved in the entrepreneurial communities from Miami to Jupiter on Florida’s east coast and from Naples to Tampa on Florida’s west coast. NWA has invested over $22MM in growing US and international companies that either are based in Florida or have a strong presence in the state. In addition to providing funding, NWA members make their expertise and resource networks available to portfolio companies to facilitate a company’s growth.

About Capacitech Energy:

Capacitech Energy ( has reimagined capacitors with the cable-based capacitor by depositing energy storage materials on coaxial cables with enhanced surface areas rather than the traditional parallel plates wrapped around an axis. The results is a thin and flexible energy storage product, which helps reduce PCB size and can leverage its high power density to complement power supplies, such as batteries. It also offers customizable performance, which reduces inventory cost and product lead times, making distributors more efficient.


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