Funding Florida’s Future Leading Businesses

Funding Florida’s Future Leading Businesses

From 2014 through 2016 New World Angels invested $14MM+ into entrepreneurs who are locating a meaningful part of their businesses in Florida.  By being nearby in Florida, we can tap into our extensive members’ skill set and contact list to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

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Members Who Provide  More Than JUST Capital

Members Who Provide More Than JUST Capital

All NWA members have had successful careers which has enabled them to become an accredited investor and member of New World Angels. Among our 68 members, are entrepreneurs and former C-suite executives from large firms. We have doctors, lawyers, strategists, marketers, technologists, bankers and publishers. We are a member driven organization with members committed to working with each other to make NWA and its portfolio companies successful.

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NWA Membership Benefits

  • Strong deal flow

    Strong deal flow and investment pipeline.

  • Teamwork increases odds of success

    NWA teamwork from due diligence through governance increases likely returns on investment.

  • Members reap their own rewards

    100% of investment returns go to members for their investment and volunteer efforts.

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NWA Entrepreneur’s Benefits

  • NWA closes deals

    Strong reputation of a partner with committed funds – not a pass the hat organization.

  • We help with more than money

    Mentorship from leaders who have been where you are going.

  • A data room for the future

    We structure our due diligence on standard industry checklists. This way any diligence put in the data room is available for you to share with others.  

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